About Us

Sungirl turns her energy into & his inspiration; It derives from the colors of the rainbow, the life-giving warmth of the sun, the freedom of the wind, the enthusiasm of the sea, the infinity of the sky and the brightness of the stars.

Who wants to express themselves in an original and comfortable way, regardless of age and size, who does not hesitate to use colors freely, whose spirit is young & It is the brand of everyone who feels dynamic and summer in every season.

Time & It is not dependent on the latest trends by rote, it has adopted the principles of timelessness and personal suitability.

The head office was established in Istanbul in 2019, its spirit belongs to Çeşme. For this reason, all the shootings are done on the beaches and streets that mirror this spirit.

Sharing your inner light with the world & It is her biggest dream to be an inspiration to everyone in discovering their own light. Anything done with love and enthusiasm is contagious.


Guven Mahallesi Menderes Caddesi No:43/A


TEL: 0537 979 5995